Environmentally Responsible

Waste Water Solutions (Afriscan International LTD) specializes in waste water treatment systems for homes and businesses in East Africa. We provide a range of solutions specially tailored for our clients needs, from small independent systems for private houses to large commercial systems for the hospitality industry, office buildings, housing estates and specially designed large systems for municipalities and local authorities.

The technologies used in our treatment plants are based on utilization of micro organisms in an optimized and controlled environment. These processes are based on what happens naturally in rivers and creeks throughout the world every day, where solids and nutrition’s are removed from running water by micro organisms that cover stones and pebbles as a thin film of living colonies. By utilizing these organisms in combination with other technologies such as ozone treatment and UV-light we are able to offer solutions where we can recycle your waste water for irrigation and other usage excluding drinking water much faster than occurs in nature.

Our solutions to this segment are based on BioKube products from Denmark. We have chosen this technology based on the compact nature of the systems and the efficiency of the solutions. These systems are based on utilization of micro organisms in highly optimized environments where oxygen is plumbed through the reactor chambers to accelerate the process. By adding secondary treatment systems to the plants the cleaned water can be safely used for iirrigation and car washing, etc.