BioKube transportable systems in containers - BioKube Uranus.
BioKube Uranus systems will treat from 10 - 80 m3/day in one standard 20 or 40 foot open top shipping container. The systems are built to handle the extra stress of frequent beeing moved.
  BioKube for 10 - 100 m3/day - BioKube Jupiter.
BioKube Jupiter cleans wastewater from 10 - 100 m3/day
BioKube treats waste water so clean, that it can be safely reused.
BioKubes cleaning process is so efficient that the treated water can be reused, typically for irrigation. The cleaned water is either stored in a pond or in a underground storage tank.
  BioKube opening at the Kofi Annan United Nations Office Training Centre - Ghana
BioKube for 50 - 3.000 m3/day - BioKube BioReactor.
BioKube BioReactor will clean from 50 to 3.000 m3/day.
  BioKube for 2 - 10 houses - BioKube Venus and Mars.
BioKube Venus 2200 and Mars 3000 are designed to treat waste water from 2 - 10 houses
How do BioKube systems function?
BioKube purifies wastewater using only natures own bacteria; we add no bacteria to the treatment system. 
  Venus in the process of construction before backfilling.