About US

“We do not believe responsible people and corporation’s can justify discharging untreated waste water into our environment leaving future generations to deal with our problem.”

Waste Water Solutions is a joint venture between a Danish company and a local company headquartered in Dar es Salaam. We have a permanent staff of skilled technicians and have stationed a specialized Danish waste water treatment engineer in Tanzania to ensure the best possible solution for our clients.

We utilize a number of different technologies as basis for our solutions, enabling us to adapt the treatment plants specific to individual client needs. This might for example be where clients have limited space available and we will need to supply a compact system positioned below ground, or it might be for clients with unconventional waste water. Most of our solutions enable reuse of the treated water, this might be for irrigation, car wash or reuse in toilets. The water for reuse will be odour and bacteria free and pose no health or environmental risks.

Our existence is based on the wish to assist companies, local authorities and private individuals in handling their sewage and waste water in an environmental responsible way by providing cost efficient and effective treatment solutions in East Africa.